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Tommy Biddle@ 2:49am 10-01-2010
If You could help me with this project, I will give you money, or food...Your choice. I just get stuck and give up. Thanks in advance. Oh and, it's probably better to go for the money...running low on food...Cheers!
Karla@ 10:38am 07-24-2010
Yes, they are separate from one another...... the other site is closed down ...... private settings while I try writing that thing.
This chat box/guest box.....whatever.... works really well, so I made another for this page.
ben corde@ 9:11am 07-24-2010
I've got a choice of two now - perhaps just use this for comments on your general blogs
karla@ 8:10am 07-24-2010
Hello there! I love trying out different apps/widgets and I really like this one, it seems to run with ease.

I like the little smiley's too Lisa.. lol

Glad you found that Martyn.... I'll go back so I can comment on your post, which I love seeing!!
Mad Martyn@ 2:59am 07-24-2010
I'm messing with my blog settings and realised that it was an error in my settings that prevented you from commenting. I believe I have fixed it now!
Lisa@ 11:13pm 07-23-2010
Testing 1......2.....3
Karla@ 10:09pm 07-23-2010
Email is NOT required in order to leave a message! So message away!!
karla@ 9:48pm 07-23-2010